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I come here from Youtube, I publish my video games and some of my videos here.

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I gave it a lot of thought, I'm sorry for those of you who don't agree to this, but I'm going to stop making Flash games, nobody plays them anymore and It's not going to get any attention if I keep doing Flash.

So I decided to start developing games on a new and better engine called Unity. This way, I could possibly release games on Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and/or PS5, I could make the games bigger with more content, I could make the quality possibly a lot better, and I could possibly reach a wider audience.

Current Flash games in development like Mighty Boy Flash 2 and The MWTV Crossers will restart development in Unity (they didn't get very far anyway to be honest), and games I was going to make in Flash will just start development in Unity. Older Flash games I released could also maybe be ported or remade in Unity if possible.

As for Mighty Boy Runners, I made quite a bit of progress on the game and I don't want any of that work to go to waste, so for that game I decided I will still release it later this year and make it the last MWTV Flash Game. The gameplay was also very smooth and responsive, I just couldn't give that up.

I'm also still going to release 4:3 and 21:9 versions of Mighty Boy Flash, Go-Go Karter, Glitcho, and Mighty Boy Runners within this year, since I made progress on those already. A small patch update for Mighty Boy Flash will also release within this year, more details will release on the MWTV website.

I hope you will all understand and accept these changes, I think this choice I made is for the best. I hope you guys could also be patient for Mighty Boy Flash 2 and The MWTV Crossers. And I won't reveal any of these games for about a year or 2. I hope you all have a good day/night.


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